International Training Institute Mt. Hagen Distance Centre

International Training Institute established its Mt. Hagen Campus in 2016. It was officially launched by the Mt Hagen City Commission Chief Executive Officer Mr. Leo Noki, and a representative from the Governor’s office Mr. Barry Rungwa on the 12th July, 2016. Since its establishment the campus was offering both full-time and distance studies up until September 2021, the Mt. Hagen campus was downsized to a Distance Centre.

The Distance Centre is located at the second (2nd) floor of the Komkui building in Mt. Hagen City.

The Centre is equipped with a computer lab, a study area where the distance students can access for study purposes.

There is also a mini library in the computer lab for students to borrow books for research purposes.

Following is a list of all the courses offered through the distance studies:

Diploma in Accounting, Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing & Certificate in Accounting, Business, Human Resource Management and Sales.

Also corporate training in computing courses and business and administrative courses are organized and conducted here.

ITI Hagen Campus
2nd floor, Komkui haus
Western Highlands Province
Phone: 542 1276, Mobile: 7389 0468 / 7591 9111
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