The West New Britain Province of Papua New Guinea is widely recognised for its palm oil industry, a significant economic driver. The International Training Institute (ITI) has established itself as a provider of diverse opportunities in response to the province’s growing workforce needs in the Business and IT sectors. The ITI campus in Kimbe, the province’s capital city, was founded in March 2012 as a Distance Centre to facilitate Distance Mode Studies. it was upgraded to a full-time centre in August 2012 provides both full-time and distance-mode courses that are highly valued.

Conveniently located approximately 100 meters from Kimbe town along the Hoskins highway in Morokea Town. Additionally, the library, which houses an extensive collection of books on Business and IT, is accessible to both Kimbe Campus students and lecturers.

Overall, the ITI Kimbe campus is a testament to the institute’s commitment to providing quality training and education to the people of West New Britain. It is an essential resource for those seeking to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the increasingly competitive Business and IT sectors.

 Courses Offered Kimbe Campus:

Full-Time Certificate Courses:
1.    Certificate In Computing (CIC)
2.    Certificate In Accounting (CIA)
3.    Certificate in HR Management (CHRM)

Full-Time Diploma Courses:
1.    Diploma In Computing (DIC)
2.    Diploma in ACCounting (DACC)
3.    Diploma in HR Management (DHRM)

Distance Courses Offered:
1.    Certificate in Accounting
2.    Certificate in HR Management
3.    Certificate in Business
4.    Certificate in Sales
5.    Diploma in Accounting
6.    Diploma in HR Management
7.    Diploma in Management
8.    Diploma in Marketing

Contact Details:
PO Box 694, Morokea Town
KIMBE, West New Britain
Phone: 983 4922
Mobile: 7484 8828 / 7838 5103