The ITI Kiunga Campus is situated along the border between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. It was established in 2016 as a distance educational centre and has since become a campus offering certificate and diploma courses for full-time and distance education students.

The Campus provides various accounting, computing, and human resources management courses. Despite being the most resource-rich province of Papua New Guinea, Western Province remains the least developed. Despite the influx of income generated by mining operations such as Ok Tedi, the region has had limited community education opportunities and human resource development.

Nevertheless, ITI has stepped in to offer affordable and quality education that provides an alternative to the mainstream education pathways available in Kiunga and the North Fly district. This local ITI campus allows students to study closer to home rather than travelling to Port Moresby or other locations. The Western Provincial government has also endeavoured to subsidise school fees for the students. ITI Kiunga graduates are expected to benefit the LLGs, Trusts, mining operators, and other regional organisations directly. Overall, ITI’s presence in Kiunga has brought much-needed educational opportunities to the region’s residents, and it is hoped that this trend will continue to grow and develop over time.



PO Box 148, KIUNGA
Western Province
Town Centre, Council Chamber Building
Phone: 649 2965
Mobile: 7340 6163 / 7951 7982