After a decade of successful operation as a distance centre in East New Britain, the ITI Kokopo Campus is set to transition to a full-time campus in 2024. Strategically located in the Takubar industrial area, approximately 1km from Kokopo town, the campus is dedicated to providing higher certificate programs in Accounting, Human Capital Management, Business Management, Marketing Management, and Information and Communication Technology. Upon completion of these programs, students will be eligible to enrol in the Diploma program’s second year.

The decision to upgrade the distance centre to a full-time campus in Kokopo is motivated by a desire to serve the people of East New Britain, New Ireland, and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. As Kokopo is the central point for all three provinces, it will enable students to receive quality education at an affordable cost by avoiding unnecessary transportation and accommodation expenses.

The Kokopo campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including a well-equipped computer lab, soundproof lecture theatres, a conference room, a multipurpose hall, a clinic, and counselling services. Additionally, the campus offers IT practical rooms and student support services. Further, the campus has ample parking space and a small playground for students’ sports activities. The multipurpose hall is particularly remarkable, as it can accommodate more than 100 students.

Overall, the ITI Kokopo Campus’s transition to a full-time campus will undoubtedly enhance the quality and accessibility of education for students in East New Britain, New Ireland, and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

Contact Details:


PO Box 1200, KOKOPO, ENB.
Takubar Industrial Area, 
Section 73, Lot 8, Takubar, East New Britain.

Mobile: 7295 0131 / 7077 7099 / 7207 9922

Contact person:
Mr. Edwin Ananth, Branch Manager – 7018 3951 / 7760 4272