A Year of Growth, Innovation and Collaboration

It is an exciting time for International Training Institute (ITI) Goroka Campus. The campus was established in October 16th, 2015 and we embarked on high growth strategies which will more than double the size of the School and includes the implementation of new and existing programs. ITI Goroka Campus strongly aims on making a greater impact on the lives and careers of our students and further establishes and manages stakeholder relationship in and around Goroka and Eastern Highlands Province.  

Campus Establishment

ITI Goroka Campus is five minutes’ drive out of Goroka town along the Okuk Highway opposite Mt. Sion Blind Center. The location is quiet, peaceful and makes it a very conducive environment for an educational hub for the Institute. Established on October 16th. Officially launched by the ousted province Governor Madam Julie Soso and Acting Provincial Administrator Mr. Samson Akunai witnessed by ITI, Chairman Mr.SenthilKumaran Sentheyval.


Upon the Campus establishment in 2015, ITI operated in one building housing one lecture room, one computer laboratory plus the administration and academic staff all sharing same office space. Progressing into 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019, there was an increase in the number of student intakes which resulted in more staff recruited and acquisition of three more buildings. One of the buildings was converted into administration office, one for library and the last one became Lecture Room – 2, Lecture Room-3 & Computer Lab-2. Apart from the administration facilities, the campus has a stand-alone Gen-set with 35 kilowatts power supply to sustain frequent power blackouts, Open WiFi facilities with in campus boundary & In the midst of facilities, the campus has a spacious car park just enough to hold 8 to 10 vehicles at one time.


 ITI Goroka Campus is privileged to have a very brilliant team comprising of qualified administration and the academic staff headed by the Campus Manager Mr. Rasathurai Jayeruban. There is a strong sense of cooperation, loyalness, respect and enthusiasm that is felt and experienced both in professional duties and extra curricula activities by students as well as general stakeholders. Staff by department starting with academic. Accounting Lecturers Ms. Tangala Korimbo and Mr. Soga Uva, Management and HR lecturers are Mr. Uster Sibauk, Mr. Reuben Kimopa and Mr.Rocky Kalili. The IT lecturers are Ms. Jessica Senty, Mr. David Moses and two part time lecturers Mr.Matt Tom & Mr.Alman Ainu Waingut. Administration team comprises of Campus Manager Mr. Rasathurai Jayeruban, Team Leader Administration Ms Ronica Lapua, Marketing Officer Mr. John Hasu Sally, Receptionist Miss Amelia Weimate, Data Entry Assistant Miss Emily Kamane, Janitor Ms. Dora Solomon, the finely Security Officer Mr. Hasu Barave and Mr. Nora Anuza.


In order to achieve ITI mission, strategically the campus has undergone rapid growth and change since October 2015. This has involved hiring many new talented faculty and professional staff due to increased students each semester. We have launched several new programs apart from Certificate in Accounting (CIA) and Certificate in Computing (CIC). These included Certificate in Business (CIB), Certificate in Human Resource Management (CHRM), Certificate in Sales (CIS), Diploma in Accounting (DACC), Diploma in Management (DMGT), Diploma in Computing (DIC) and Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM). Our courses are conducted on Day, Evening and Distance modes respectively.

Students Enrollment

This year 2019 the campus enrolled more than 400 students and introduced Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) course.  This is the highest number of student enrolment since 2015 when the campus was established. We truly acknowledge the Office of MPs for the six districts of Eastern Highlands Province including the Governor’s office for sponsoring students this year 2019. Goroka Campus is also getting a lot of students from Madang and Simbu province after a successful marketing effort to the province last year, 2018.

Stakeholder Engagement

ITI Goroka Campus strongly values it stakeholders as one of the important factors for its success in terms of providing Affordable and Quality Education in the province.  Inconsiderate of this, there is a strong emphasis on stakeholder involvement in some aspects of our endeavors where necessary.

ITI Goroka Campus 4th Graduation – 2019

Our Goroka Campus recently celebrated our 4th graduation on 30th of August 2019. 123 students graduated. 

Goroka Show Marketing – 2019

Awareness program on sexually transmitted disease (STD) and HIV AIDS

 We organized Two days Awareness program on sexually transmitted disease (STD) and HIV AIDS on 15th & 16th of August 2019.


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Contact Details:

PO Box 534, GOROKA
Okuk Highway, Opp. Mt.Sion
Eastern Highlands Province
Phone: 532 2887
Mobile: 7487 0657 / 7619 7939
Email: enquires.goroka@iti.ac.pg