ITI Goroka Campus commenced operations in 2015, and despite facing several challenges, the institution has experienced growth and expansion in various aspects, including student enrolment, staff employment, programs, and campus facilities.

Over the past nine years, the number of students enrolled has steadily increased, from an initial 50 to an average of approximately 200 students in all programs. The campus is strategically located to serve students from the upper highlands, lower highlands, and part of the Momase regions of PNG. The enrolment at ITI Goroka Campus has demonstrated a consistent increase over the years, accompanied by a proportional growth in staff members and learning infrastructure facilities.


Initially, ITI Goroka Campus offered only two certificate programs in accounting and computing. Currently, the institution offers five diploma programs in accounting, human resource management, management and marketing, information technology, and an advanced diploma in accounting. The institution also provides five certificate programs in accounting, business, human resource management, sales, and computing. Both diploma and certificate programs are offered via distance mode of study and evening classes for working students.

The ITI Goroka Campus is located approximately five minutes away from Goroka town, along the Okuk Highway, opposite Mount Zion Center for the Blind. The campus’s peaceful and quiet location provides students with a conducive educational environment.

The institution has adequate modern facilities that provide quality teaching and learning services to its stakeholders. The availability of internet access for both staff and students, and projectors in all lecture rooms and labs, is a commendable aspect of the institution.

ITI Goroka Campus has been proactive in establishing and managing stakeholder relationships in the Eastern Highlands Province and the Highlands region. The high-growth strategies implemented by the institution demonstrate its commitment to providing quality education and positively impacting the province and beyond to achieve ITI’s grand vision.

In conclusion, the institution’s growth and expansion in various aspects over the years is commendable. ITI Goroka Campus is committed to providing quality education and maintaining stakeholder relationships to achieve its vision.

Stakeholder Engagement

ITI Goroka Campus strongly values it stakeholders as one of the important factors for its success in terms of providing Affordable and Quality Education in the province.  Inconsiderate of this, there is a strong emphasis on stakeholder involvement in some aspects of our endeavors where necessary.

ITI Goroka Campus 4th Graduation – 2019

Our Goroka Campus recently celebrated our 4th graduation on 30th of August 2019. 123 students graduated. 

Goroka Show Marketing – 2019

Awareness program on sexually transmitted disease (STD) and HIV AIDS

 We organized Two days Awareness program on sexually transmitted disease (STD) and HIV AIDS on 15th & 16th of August 2019.



ITI Goroka Campus – 7th Graduation:

ITI Goroka Campus – New rooms Inauguration:


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