ITI is a leading private higher education provider in Port Moresby, the capital city of Papua New Guinea. The campus has an impressive infrastructure comprising lecture rooms and computer labs. Further, the institution offers students various complimentary services, including free internet, library access, bookshop, canteen, counselling services, primary health care, and online library facilities.

The Port Moresby Campus serves as the head office overseeing multiple campuses spread across Papua New Guinea. The institution provides a comprehensive range of educational programs, including day and evening classes that cater to the diverse needs of the working individuals. This approach is a testament to the institution’s commitment to providing accessible education to a broad range of individuals.

In summary, ITI is an educational institution with a distinguished reputation that provides high-quality education to students in Papua New Guinea. Its modern facilities and comprehensive services make it a desirable destination for those seeking to advance their careers through higher education.


  The following courses are taught in POM Campus

  • Certificate:
    1. Certificate in Computing
    2. Certificate in Business
    3. Certificate in Human Resource Management
    4. Certificate in Accounting
    5. Certificate in Sales
  • Diploma
    1. Diploma in Information System
    2. Diploma in Information Technology
    3. Diploma in Accounting
    4. Diploma in Management
    5. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting
  • Higher Education Diploma Programs
    1. Diploma in Business Accounting (DBAC)
    2. Diploma in Business Management (DBMG)
    3. Diploma in Human Capital Management (DHCM)
    4. Diploma in Marketing Management (DMKM)
    5. Diploma in Information & Communication Technology (DICT)

Contact Details:

PO Box 6322, BOROKO, NCD
Scratchley Road, Badili.
Phone: 320 2800
Mobile: 7050 6997 / 7685 0523