International Training Institute (ITI) was established in 1999 in Port Moresby.  The campus was then located in the central business area of Boroko until the need for a better place was aroused.

The ever-increasing number of students who enrolled at ITI forced the management of  ITI to relocate the campus. This is due to the quality and affordable education that ITI has been providing since its establishment.  In 2004, the POM campus was relocated to a much larger, student-friendly location in Badili.  Since then, the POM campus has been at Scartchely Road, Badili.


ITI is one of the leading private higher education providers and located in Port Moresby, the capital city of Papua New Guinea. ITI Port Moresby Campus consists of 8 seminar rooms and 5 computer labs with 150 computers. The students are given free internet, library, counseling, primary health service and online library facilities. The Port Moresby Campus is the head office and it monitors all the campuses situated in other provinces of Papua New Guinea. The Port Moresby Campus is offering the day class and evening class for the working people.

The campus boasts its modern facilities which are constantly upgraded to cater to the demand of the student population.  The campus has eight modern lecturer theaters with advanced teaching equipment such as electronic projectors and computers.  The Campus also houses five state of the art computer labs for the use of students.  Further, a well-stocked library and a corporate training facility are available for additional training and learning. The entire campus is connected wireless, although critical backup connections are done using fiber optic cables.

At present, the campus has the facility to cater for 1500 Students each semester.  The number of enrollment has been on the rise and during the 2015 January semester, we have topped the enrollment to 1350.  Since its inception, ITI has had 43 graduation ceremonies testifying its commitment to human resource development in PNG. 


  The following courses are taught in POM Campus

  • Certificate:
    1. Certificate in Computing
    2. Certificate in Business
    3. Certificate in Human Resource Management
    4. Certificate in Accounting
    5. Certificate in Sales
  • Diploma
    1. Diploma in Information System
    2. Diploma in Information Technology
    3. Diploma in Accounting
    4. Diploma in Management
    5. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting
  • Higher Education Diploma Programs
    1. Diploma in Business Accounting (DBAC)
    2. Diploma in Business Management (DBMG)
    3. Diploma in Human Capital Management (DHCM)
    4. Diploma in Marketing Management (DMKM)
    5. Diploma in Information & Communication Technology (DICT)

Contact Details:

PO Box 6322, BOROKO, NCD
Scratchley Road, Badili.
Phone: 320 2800
Mobile: 7050 6997 / 7685 0523