The ITI Alotau Campus, situated in the capital of Milne Bay Province, was inaugurated as a distance center on May 8th, 2015. After a three-month transition period, it was upgraded to a full-time center in August of the same year, becoming the fifth campus of ITI. The Campus is located at Education Milne Bay, approximately 1 km from Alotau town. The first intake of students commenced in August 2015, with two certificate courses, subsequently followed by additional certificate and diploma programs. The Campus has a state-of-the-art lecture room, computer lab, library, and two traditional open wind houses for students’ study purposes.

The Milne Bay Provincial Administration, alongside several business houses in Alotau, offers students an opportunity for on-the-job training and employment. The majority of students have participated in on-the-job training at the Milne Bay Provincial Administration and are currently employed at the Provincial Administration and all four district administrations. Most of our students have secured permanent positions across various businesses, including NBPOL, Alotau Enterprises, Able Computing, Masurina Business Center, Mecca 44, More Stationeries, Cheongs, Pick and Pay, Waterfront, Nur Printing, Woodlark Mining, and others across PNG.

The Campus strives to collaborate with the government and private sector to develop human resources, offering annual corporate training programs to various government and private sectors, including NBPOL, NJSS, CIS and Primary School staff. The Campus’s commitment to quality education and on-the-job training has resulted in many of its students securing permanent positions in various businesses, contributing significantly to the growth and development of PNG’s economy.

Alotau Campus Course Offering
Full-Time Course:
Certificate in Computing
Certificate in Accounting

Distance Courses:
1.    Certificate in Accounting
2.    Certificate in HR Management
3.    Certificate in Business
4.    Certificate in Sales
5.    Diploma in Accounting
6.    Diploma in HR Management
7.    Diploma in Management
8.    Diploma in Marketing


Contact Details :


PO Box 142, ALOTAU
Education Milne Bay, Wanigili Centre
Milne Bay Province
Phone: 641 1223
Mobile: 7181 4731 / 7613 7253