Selection of the Executive Office Bears of ITI Alumni Forum;

President: Mr. Steven Kilage
Vice President: Mr. Paul Muingnepe
Secretary: Mr. Milton Neinguma (Recovery Officer_Bank South Pacific)
Treasurer: Mrs. Edietha Dagina (Finance/AR Officer_NDB Investment)

Committee Members 2020

Following members:
Mr. Allan Yambui (Internal Relief Officer_Bank South Pacific)
Mr. Roland Kopus (Tax Processing Supervisor_IRC)
Ms. Jodie Bulungol (Accounts Payable_Bige Petroleum Ltd)
Ms. Lilly Elari (Salaries Officer_ PNG National Commission for UNESCO)
Mr. Raphael Kasi (Teacher_TSC)
Ms. Celine Arkz (Underwriter Assistant_ Capital Insurance Group)
Mr. Luther Kaupa (Lending Support Officer_TISA Community Finance)
Mr. Gyno Maino (City Pharmacy Limited)