Certificate in Computing (CIC)

The Certificate of Computing requires the completion of 5 units successfully.   After successful completion of CIC, students can articulate into a variety of computing diplomas.

Code Unit Name
1008 Introduction to Programming
1005 Database Development
1004 Introduction to Computing
1003 Microsoft Office Training
1002 Business Communication

Diploma in Computing (DIC)

The Diploma in Computing requires completion of 10 units successfully.

 Semester One:

Code Unit Name
2041 Business Writing
2042 Office Application
2003 System Analysis & Design
2004 Programming (VB)
2050 Data Management (MySQL)

Semester Two: 

Code Unit Name
2051 Object Oriented Programming
2053 Computer Communication
2054 Networking Interfacing
2055 Information System Management
2056 Database Application Development

 Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)

The Dip. in Information Technology requires the completion of 10 units successfully.

 Semester One:

Code Unit Name
4001 System Analysis & Design
4002 Data Management
4003 Professional Practice
4004 Object Oriented Systems Development
4009 Data Structures & Algorithm

 Semester Two: 

Code Unit Name
2005 Programming
4006 Computer Communications
4007 Computer Organisation
4008 System Principle
4010 Web Page Design

 Course Fees

Certificate Courses: K3,400 (K1,200 on registration, followed by approved installments.)

 Diploma Courses:  K8,800 (K1,500 on registration, followed by approved installments.)

 Entry Requirements:

Certificate Courses:

  • Successful completion of Grade 10 with passes in English and Mathematics
  • ITI Entry Test for matured working class (Conditions Apply).

Diploma Courses:

  • Successful completion of grade 12 with “C” or above in English & Mathematics from
    recognized schools/institutions including matriculation centers
  • “D” Grade plus ITI Entry Test
  • Adults with relevant work experience of 5 years and over Completion of certificate courses from recognized private and government institutions with pass grades


Certificate Courses: [17 wks]
17 weeks (Standard semester – Jan & June)
12 weeks (October)

Diploma Courses:  [34 weeks]
17 weeks (Standard semester – Jan & June)
12 weeks (October)

Diploma in Information Technology [34 weeks]
17 weeks (Standard semester – Jan & June)

Higher Diploma Programs

Diploma in Information & Communication Technology (DICT)

Program Structure
The Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programme deals with designing innovative methodologies and sophisticated tools for developing software systems. Students are exposed to various techniques of analyzing user requirements and specifications, as well as design and implementation of software systems. Some of the core courses include object-oriented programming, database systems, software engineering and introduction to multimedia.

Year 1:

 Semester One:

Code Unit Name
21113 Foundation of ICT
21123 Practical ICT Skills
21133 ICT in Business
21143 Programming Fundamentals

 Semester Two: 

Code Unit Name
21153 Modern Media and Professional Communication
21163 Principles of Information Management
21173 Introduction to Networking and Internet
21183 Ethics and Innovation in ICT

 Year 2:

 Semester One:

Code Unit Name
22113 Modern Systems Architecture
22123 Database Design and Management
22133 Programming Language
22143 Web Development

 Semester Two: 

Code Unit Name
22153 Network Technologies and Management
22163 Cyber Security
22173 Project Management
22183 ICT in Society

Course Fees:

HIGHER DIPLOMA COURSES: K10,000 per year ***K2,000 upfront payment, followed by installments.

Entry Requirements:

  • Successful completion of grade 12 with a GPA of 1.75 and “C” or above in English & Mathematics

Course Duration’s:

  • 2 years ( 4 Semesters)

Why Study at ITI?

  • Fully maintained and well designed computer laboratories
  • Air conditioned seminar rooms
  • Evening classes available with affordable transport fees
  • Approved by National Training Counsil -NTC Reg.No#009 (POM)
  • Approved by National Training Counsil -NTC Reg .No # 074 (LAE)
  • Business Courses Offered on distance education mode
  • Special Corporate Training courses in IT, Business and Management
  • Special Corporate Training Facilities
  • A member of the International Federation of Training & Development Organization ( IFTDO )

 Career Path of Diploma Holders

Students who complete the ITI Diploma are eligible to access courses and services offered by:

  • University of Sunshine Coast, Australia
  • Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT – Australia )
  • Certified Practicing Accountants of Papua New Guinea (CPA PNG) 
  • Griffith University – Study in Brisbane, Australia with 5 locations to choose from
  • James Cook University – Study in Brisbane, Australia