GROWING up as a young man, Imanu Gidie, a native of Taipa village, Menyamya District, in Morobe Province,has always been inspired by the rich cultural heritage and the resilience of its people in PNG.

Though his educational path was filled with both achievements and challenges, Imanu found his way through perseverance.

He was honoured to graduate (recently) from the International Training Institute (ITI) Lae Campus with a double certification.

He earned a Diploma in IT Graphics and a Certificate in Strategic Planning and additionally holds a Diploma and a Bachelor’s degree in Primary Teaching.

These qualifications have equipped him with valuable skills that he is eager to use, to contribute to the welfare of his people and the community’s development.

Throughout his life he was faced with obstacles, particularly in terms of financial resources. Affording school fees was a continuous struggle, and there were times when securing enough food and bus fare was a daily challenge.

The hardships were like a stepping stone for Imanu because that made him determined and more focused on what he wanted to do and that was to pursue his education and to achieve his goals and dream.

During an interview, the lad expressed commitment as the key to be a role model for the younger generation back in his community.

Imanu believed his achievement and simple story would demonstrate the importance of education because education is the key to wealth and the foundation for a better future.

And now as an advocate for education, he wanted to share his experience and success in the hope to inspire young people in Taipa village, Menyamya and beyond, to pursue their education and strive for excellence.

There is nothing extraordinary about Imanu’s life-story, yet that is how he wanted the story to be told.

Only one out of a hundred can be the most outstanding person, but being one of those one hundred is better than totally missing out on opportunities.

Always be sure of who you are and know what you, as an individual, want to do and become in life.

Once a person is certain about their future, they only need direction and guidance to be on the right path to achieve what they aim for.

Nothing is impossible and though its hard work, commitment plus determination will get you there.

The young lad is committed to utilise his education and skills to create positive change.

With his training in IT Graphics, Strategic Planning, and Primary Education, Imanu hopes to use that in his advantage and drive innovative solutions and strategic initiatives that could benefit people, starting with his community.

“My story is one of perseverance, and I hope it inspires others facing similar challenges to keep striving for their dreams. Through education, we can unlock opportunities and build a prosperous future for our community,” Imanu said.