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1. ITI Senior Lecturer Sivanathan Sivaruban has published an article on an international Journal titled “Fortnight Salary Tax in Papua New Guinea” –
Fortnight Salary Tax in Papua New Guinea publication

2. Dr. S. Senthilnathan attached to the Quality Assurance of International Training Institute has published a paper entitled “THE DETERMINANTS OF INNOVATION AND PRODUCTIVITY OF A NATION” in the journal “Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets and Institutions” (Volume 6, Issue 3), which is a SCOPUS indexed journal in its recognized list in 2016. The paper synthesizes five determinants of innovation and productivity of a nation. They are: Human resources and their characteristics, Natural and physical resources and their characteristics, Systems and strategies and their characteristics, Interactions and relationships among above three aspects, and Changes in the above four aspects. Indicatively, this is a remarkable milestone in the history of the International Training Institute that envisages its progression towards research and publication, with successful operations throughout our nation Papua New Guinea. You can download the paper from the link: My Paper RGC__Volume_6_Issue_3_Summer_2016_9-15

3. ITI lecturer Sharmiladevi Parthian has published an article on an international journal titled “Customer Relation Management(CRM)- in Modern Banking”customer-relation-management-publication.pdf


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