Corporate Training

Brief Background of ITI
Since its establishment in 1999, International Training Institute (ITI) has rapidly grown to become one of the leading biggest private education and training institute in PNG. ITI offer a range of short courses in computing and business administration through its corporate training programs including specilized IT and front line management courses.

ITI Corporate Training specialize in designing, compiling and delivering the short corporate courses/training for individual and corporate clients both within the public and private sector.

The short courses are specifically designed to effectively address and solve problems encountered on a daily basis in the modern fast changing and challenging business environment. Furthermore, the courses are designed for career enhancement to achieve productivity and positive workplace results.

All short courses provide by ITI are National Training Council approved (NTC 009)

Most of the training sessions are conducted using Power Point presentations on overhead projections (multimedia) accompanied by course manuals that are distributed to participants before training commences.

Participants are assessed through out by exercises given as tasks to indicate how well they have understood and acquired the knowledge and skills presented through individual and group activities or discussions. At the end of each training, ITI presents certificates to participants.

ITI also provide hiring of conference room and computer labs for organizations looking for a venue to conduct training.

Skills & Knowledge you will Acquire

The short courses are designed to greatly enhanced skills and knowledge of our corporate clients to be effective, efficient, competitive and productive in their duties and responsibilities. For instance; one of the short course offered is Microsoft Power Point (Levels 1 and 2 version 2010 / 2019).

The skills and knowledge acquired are sufficient to build and enhance powerful real world presentations for sales or budget etc. Clients can learn how to enhance text in presentation, add media features and set up slide shows. Other computing, business and administration courses are also very competitive.

Certificate 4 in
Training & Assessment PNGNQF


Essential Program for individuals who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge in Learning Design and Development. It is also a nationally recognized training qualification for trainer registration under the National Training Council trainer registration compliance requirement.

  • TRADES40122B Undertake organizational training needs analysis
  • TRADES40222B Determine training objectives
  • TRADES40322B Research and develop competent standards
  • TRADEL40422B Lead and coordinate training systems
  • TRAASS40522B Lead and coordinate assessment systems and services
  • TRADEL40622B Lead and conduct training and/or assessment evaluations
  • TRADEL40722B Develop teams and individuals
  • TRAENV40822B Participate in assessment validation
  • TRADES30122B Use units of competence to meet client needs
  • TRADES30222B Design and develop learning program
  • TRAASS30322B Plan and organize assessment
  • TRASS30422B Design assessment tools
  • TRADES30522B Design and developed learning resources
  • TRAENV30622B Ensure a safe and healthy learning environment
  • TRAASS2022B Assess competence
  • TRADEL20322B Facilitate group learning

The short course trainings can span from one day to several weeks depending on the kind of courses undertaken. Courses can also be customized to meet corporate clients training needs.

International Training Institute is flexible in conducting corporate training which can be either during the day (8am – 5pm), evening (5pm – 9pm) or over the weekends. ITI can also accommodate the timings of the short courses preferred for the convenience of our clients.

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